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Mr. Cox Orange and Volker Vollkorn


This Christmas you get bread and apples instead of gingerbread. At least, if you visit the Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus in Hamburg: Mr. Cox Orange and Volker Vollkorn are singing and rapping along with the cast of the family musical Mother Hulda

Bambi and Faline


These deer are not shy: Bambi and his friend Faline are entering the stage at the St. Pauli Theatre. They are the main characters in the new musical by director Christian Berg



New companions for old friends: A special Christmas version of the famous fairy tale features not only Rapunzel, prince charming and the witch, but also a fly-agaric-turned-princess and Chubby, the Unicorn. On stage at the Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus

Mr. Luigi


You wouldn't expect a puppet to be part of this play: Mr. Luigi is part of Shakespeare's „Romeo and Juliet“! The Ohnsorg-Theatre in Hamburg has placed the famous love drama into a circus environment, and one of the artists is a ventriloquis

In our artist's workshop, we craft highly individual, professional grade puppets appropriate for puppeteers, ventriloquists, theatre stages, advertising companies, movie productions, tv-shows – or simply for your private enjoyment. According to the wishes of our clients and our own ideas, we draw the first sketches and design the puppet. Afterwards, head, body and limbs are shaped out of foam material and are covered with fleece and other fabrics. The outfits of the figures are also individually designed, no matter if a Las-Vegas-suit for Elvis or a space-suit for an alien is needed. Special wishes like mechanisms for eye-movements are also no problem. Portrait figures of celebrities, puppets, large walk-acts, marionettes and glove puppets: Each figure is rich in detail when it leaves my studio to enter a stage somewhere around the world.